We defend your rights.

When you hire an attorney you need, and deserve, an attorney that is your attorney, aggressively defending your rights and representing your interests. Your case is very important to us, an advantage not available in many larger firms.

As our client, you can count on us to follow these practices:

  • We will meet you in court at each appearance.
  • Your case will be handled by a fully qualified attorney, not a legal assistant.
  • We work with our clients closely and let you know what to expect from the beginning of your case.
  • You will truly understand the legal process and what you can expect to happen.
  • We will take the time to ensure that we have the best tools and information to work together to succeed in your case.

Our specialties include divorce and family law, DUI defense, restraining orders, and civil harassment defense.

Call or complete the Contact Us form to begin your case evaluation.  The right attorney can make all the difference in so many ways.